Creative Director

Kyle Sanvictores holds two degrees from the University of Waterloo - a Master’s degree in architecture and a Bachelors degree in Environmental Studies. His design career began in Europe collaborating with the world’s leading design and branding agencies: Lambie Nairn, BDA, Turquoise, Jago Design and Imagination. He was involved in high profile multi-national networks across all the continents which include: BBC, SKY NEWS, CCTV and AL Jazeera. With projects completed from Beijing to Abu Dhabi, Kyle brings a global perspective and international design sensibility to each new project.

Kyle was appointed Creative Director at AKA Creative Inc. in 2004 where he continues to redefine the Sports and News broadcast landscape with cutting edge designs for the Discovery Channel, Hockey Night in Canada, Pac12 Network, MTV and more. As the creative force at AKA, he has helped launch several new channels around the world as well as design studios for the large scale sporting events like the World Cup and the Summer and Winter Olympics.

Within a short amount of time Kyle has helped pioneer new techniques for interactivity and technology integration in television studios-- collaborating leading research and development companies to redefine how presenters use and display information. AKA has helped bring never before seen video display products and technologies to TV viewers across the globe.

Kyle also leads a team of expert designers at AKA who always strive for innovation and ultimate creativity when envisioning new environments to film in. Using the latest 3d modeling and rendering packages Kyle and team can visualize, animate and walkthrough studios with remarkable accuracy and precision to bring your future project to life.

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